How to Increase Your Recurring Billing/Revenue

How to Enhance/Grow a Companies Recurring Billing

To enhance or grow a company’s recurring billing, the business needs to continually improve its offerings.  One example is Netflix constantly adding new features and movies. From a business standpoint, they highlight those improvements with fresh mail-blast email content with subject lines like “We just added a movie you might like” or “What’s new with Netflix”. 

The customer becomes more interested as it shows that the company is always adding new features to enhance your subscription experience. The customer now expects improvements from the vendor. If they don’t see any results, they will go somewhere else to try a different offering.

Some companies offer free trials to entice new customers to try their service. If the customer sees value in the subscription plan they will pay for the subscription after the free trial ends. Otherwise they will cancel the subscription and move onto another company’s offering.

Recurring Billing allows businesses to charge their customers automatically in monthly or annually increments  for the products or services provided to them, until the user cancels their subscription or it expires.

Some examples include:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS): Google Apps, Dropbox, Slack
  2. Entertainment: Netflix, Hulu
  3. E-Commerce: Amazon Prime
  4. Education: Udemy
  5. Telecom businesses that provide usage-based billing: Telus, Rogers, Bell
  6. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  7. Gym memberships

Payment gateways are used in Recurring Billing to receive payments on a recurring basis. Some of the payment gateways Commerx works with are Stripe,, Braintree, Cybersource, Elavon, IPpay, Merchant e-Solutions, Zuora, Digitzs, Bambora, and many others.

The different types of recurring payments are fixed recurring billing, variable recurring billing, usage-based billing, quantity-based billing, and tiered billing.

The benefits of recurring billing are minimized effort, predictable cash flow, reduction of late payments, convenience and personalization, and defends against fraud.

Some businesses that use recurring billing are membership businesses, utility providers, subscription businesses, and financial services.

How Commerx Can Help Your Business

Our recurring billing solutions can help your business receive payments on a monthly or annual basis for the products and services you provide. Contact us today to learn more.