What is Convergent Charging?

Service providers used to rely on several different billing and charging solutions. This used to be disordered and confusing. Convergent charging is much more efficient as it involves billing and account consolidation for different service types.

Convergent charging is a billing and revenue management (BRM) solution used by telecom companies to consolidate service charges into a single invoice. Service providers can charge and bill users for a number of services.

Convergent charging can notify users when they are approaching their limit so they can be provided the option to pay for more services. It can also inform customers that they have used up all of their credits and terminate services so they aren’t overcharged accidentally and receive a large bill. 

Convergent charging solutions can deliver account balances for plans and service subscriptions such as fixed telephony, mobile telephony, broadband and TV.

A customer can have one or many services from the same provider. It is beneficial for a customer to have a single invoice and a single view of their account.

Benefits of Convergent Charging

  • Reduced cost of implementation
  • Unified bill enables discounts for customers
  • Enabled multi-service packaging and pricing
  • Centralized support for prepaid and postpaid services
  • Provide more categories of services
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Upselling and increased revenue

How We Can Help

Commerx can help your company with custom convergent charging, rating, and billing solutions.


Convergent Charging