Why UX/UI Design is Important

People will leave a website after 10 seconds and some people will uninstall an app within a couple of days.

User experience and user interface design (UX/UI) is important because the design of an application improves the customer experience and customer satisfaction, resulting in an increase in users.

If the application is easy to use and the user finds what they are looking for quickly, they will stay on the application longer and be more likely to recommend the application to a colleague or friend. Having a streamlined application makes it easier for the user to complete their required tasks improving productivity because they are more efficient at finding the information they need.

UX/UI Design is important at the beginning stage of application development. UX design involves competitive analysis reporting, user personas, user journeys, experience maps, user flows, and interactive prototypes. UI design involves mood boards, visual designs, and dynamic prototyping.

UX/UI Design is important to businesses because it improves conversion rates. It helps reduce costs in application maintenance. It also increases referral rates.

Some of the new trends in UX/UI are voice recognition based UI, foldable or split screen mobile devices, varieties of fonts, dark mode design, and animation.

Benefits and advantages

  • Increased revenue – Having a great user experience will attract more users that spend more time on the application.
  • Easier to use – Improving the usability of the application and reducing the number of steps to accomplish a task makes it easier for the user to navigate and reduces confusion.
  • Improved interaction – Having up-to date UX/UI, users will like navigating the application and be more likely to recommend the company or brand.
  • Improved customer retention – Having great UX/UI will retain customers because they enjoy doing business with the company.
  • Improved customer loyalty – Customers will make recommendations or post reviews/testimonials that can influence their network.


UX/UI Design Infographic