Enterprise Business Solutions

Backing Big Businesses

Commerx has developed value-added services and tailor-made solutions that ensure that large corporations run with maximum efficiency. We help deliver equipment to sites, ensure technical support to make sure that your business telecommunication systems are always up and running.

Small & Medium Business Solutions

Supporting SME's Growth

Commerx offers solutions tailored to small & medium size businesses who may not have the financial means or technological expertise to scale. We provide them with  access to the latest telecom, digital and IT solutions, whilst offering superior customer service.

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Commerx Commitment to Businesses

Commerx specialists always work closely with its clients, whether small or large to improve existing systems or develop new infrastructures. With sound knowledge and experience of the Telecom, Digital & IT, Billing and revenue and staffing industries, we modify and upgrade out of the box software and integrate them into our partners existing systems. Commerx can help your business by maximizing profitability with scalable and robust systems.

We also work as part of a team of telecom engineers, software professionals and are responsible for the requirement specification, system analysis, project management, design, testing, implementation training and implementation, of large robust scalable projects globally.

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