Commerx has procurement tendering processes for all equipment hardware, software and operational systems.

What Equipment Should We Use?

We work with the customer to provide preliminary designs to identify what is required, and develop the required comprehensive specification, statement-of-work, contract terms-and-conditions, and list of deliverables into a tender package. We then conduct a formal procurement tender. We have a proven track record of pulling all of the requirements together and conducting a fair and competitive tender to obtain the best solution and value for our customers. As part of the procurement process we provide our customers with the results of the tender process and our recommendations to proceed.

Equipment Selection

Some of the equipment needed:


  • GPON modem
  • FTTH GPON network equipment
  • Modem provisioning and operations systems
  • Fiber cable
  • Drop cable
  • FOSC
  • Conduit
  • Vault structures
  • Pole attachment hardware
  • Locate balls
  • Messenger wire

Provisioning System

The provisioning system includes:


    • DHCP
    • IP address planning
    • Public IP address
    • CGN systems
    • Software management
    • Network management (NOC)
    • Circuit database
    • System planning

Backbone Network

The backbone network consists of:


    • Software Defined Network (SDN)
    • Network connectivity to each community including redundant routing
    • Choice of Layer 1 fiber equipment
    • Network routers and switches for Layer 2 and 3

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