Project Procurement

Commerx can assist with project procurement services and project procurement implementation for your FTTx project.

Procurement Service

We write the contracts, prepare the purchase orders, and conduct the procurement in conjunction with our clients. The client purchases the equipment at our tender selected prices. We have long term relationships with all of the equipment and contractor vendors and are respected in the industry. As such, we do not have any bias in the selection other than choosing the right hardware and supplier relationship based on the RFP bids that were provided.

Procurement Implementation

We will write and implement on the customers behalf the procurement and supply contracts. Our project planning includes:


  • Scheduling
  • Project management
  • Working through staging areas for equipment
  • Warehouse delivery planning
  • Construction contractor planning
  • Project implementation from beginning to end


Our services include:


    • Budget planning
    • Approved budget execution
    • Project schedules
    • Weekly reports and status updates
    • Action item lists
    • Risk assessment
    • Recommendations

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