Network Professional Services

In today’s TDM platform, Network Transformation and professional services is on everyone’s mind. Consolidating and or modernizing your current platform will pay for itself with power, HVAC, real estate, let alone features. Commerx has successfully developed and applied the right tools, methods, and people for a smooth transformation. We work productively to implement you or your customer’s transformation, with transparency to the end user.


Core Equipment Installations

Commerx experienced equipment installers can be deployed worldwide and provide a quality installation whether it is a shelf addition, or an entire switching platform.


Commerx expertise and wireline services helps carriers in offering various data services such as high-speed Internet access, frame relay, private line (TDM and Ethernet), and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (“MPLS”) services.

Network Optimization

Commerx Network optimization approach is about improving IT performance and reducing network strain in order to minimize costs and increase data flow. Our network optimization services for the telecom industry is based on hardware stack, system architecture, data consumption and network bandwidth.

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