Telecom Design & Implementation

Your entire infrastructure plays an ever-increasing role in today’s digital business. It runs the applications that drive the business forward, secures critical information and assets, strengthens customer relationships through enhanced communications and ensures efficiency and agility.


Inside & Outside Plant Engineering

Commerx has a vast experience is preparing manual drawings on vellums or electronic drawings using computer aided drafting systems, compiling data and preparing plans.


Armed with a solid understanding of telephone industry standards, local telecom practices and procedures, Our teams excel in field audits of maintenance holes, hand holes and utility poles identifying service providers and cable types (e.g., CATV, COAX cable, Fiber cable, copper cable,), hardware, span lengths and attachment heights   We acquire the necessary field information, record verifications, document preparation, required to prepare work order construction prints.

Wireless Systems

Commerx has a broad international experience with Wireless Networks. We will install base stations, drive test, and provide core switching expertise as examples. From engineering, designing and implementation of local area wireless systems, to Microwave systems design, point to point, point to multipoint and backhaul systems, we offer flexible payment options with Fixed Price, and Time and Expense deployments.

Network Grooming & Installation

When installing a new or upgraded network, Commerx will resolve any equipment compatibility issue or equipment defect. We not only perform tower design and erection but also installation of cables, equipment and rigging.   We make sure that our installation process is complete once the network components have been installed, configured, and tested.


Commerx has proven tools and developed Method of Procedures to make the entire Line Grooming process simple and cost effective so you can expect bottom line savings and positive environmental results such as consolidating your subscribers to fewer line frames to allow the excess frames to be removed in order to reduce power consumption, free up floor space and cleanse office conditions

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Genband (Ribbon) Network Grooming

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