Developing Scalable Billing and Revenue Management Strategies

As business revenues derived from traditional sources decline, service providers must rapidly embrace an immersive technology approach and experience to capitalize on the digital economy.

Our approach to Business support systems has been geared toward providing quicker concept-to-cash, over the top, SaaS and robust Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) solutions backed by proven Oracle infrastructure.

In addition to providing upfront revenue management and rapid assessments to build a compelling business case for transformation, we have been actively helping telecom carriers enhance revenues through improving core processes, systems, data quality, skills and organisational structures. As a trusted partner to our clients, our role has been not only advising on cash management methods, systems and processes but also improving coordination across the various business departments and governments’ entities to break down the silo effect and improve service delivery.

Commerx Billing & Revenue Management

Why Commerx?

The rise of the digital ecosystem has led to significant disruption for the billing and revenue management sector and the ever changing digital and technology economy has introduced several impactful trends, as well as new innovative competitors that have forever changed how providers connect with clients and serve them.

Commerx, as a global solutions and services provider focused on accelerating return of value to Telecommunication Service Providers, Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), and Over-the-Top service providers with demonstrable successes in over 85 countries, has successfully increased value to its enterprise and government ministries by decoupling operational and customer experience support with integrated operations support systems (OSS) capabilities that deliver a unique user experience across customers, channels, partners and employees.

We  work with telecom carriers, telecom equipment manufacturing partners, and an extensive network of associates, certified in Business and Operations Support Solutions.

We believe that “Culture Creates Success”. Once we understand our clients’ business culture and challenges, we develop a tailored solution based on best practices and delivering an optimal ROI, and then we execute against the plan and deliver upon customer expectations.

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