CenturyLink Groom Project For Genband ( Now Ribbon )

To Whom It May Concern;

Alternate Communications was selected as the resource provider by Genband, for a CenturyLink Groom project being run in Las Vegas during 2013. Prior to this activity I had no previous involvement with Alternate and knew very little about their abilities or company.

We worked together for a year grooming lines in 14 LV offices. This required simultaneously teams working in multiple offices mostly during offshift through-out Las Vegas. The organization structure that Alternate Communications pulled together was a proven structure they had used in previous such situations and worked very well for this project.

They established a single point of contact Project Management role, working directly with me as the Genband Project Manager. The onsite teams were built around a team lead at each site, reporting directly to an in-city supervisor. This structure was very handy when any questions or issues arose as well as bringing suggestions to the larger team on how to improve the overall groom activity.

Alternate Communications came to the table with a number of automated tools to assist in tracking and reporting the results on a daily basis. These tools have numerous capabilities even to the point of interfacing directly to the telephone companies back office systems if so desired.

The number of lines groomed for this entire project was around 72K subscriber lines. As with any endeavor of this size, there will be issues. The team tracked, followed up, and reported on any customer reported trouble tickets. The final trouble report percentage came to 0.1% of total lines moved. All parties viewed this as a very positive result and the team should be commended for their efforts at this endeavor.

“I look forward to future activity with Alternate Communications.”

Jim Green PMP

Genband Project Management

Centurylink Account

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*Genband is now Ribbon Communications

*Alternate is now Commerx