End-To-End Network Grooming Services For Guam Telecom Alliance

2014 Network Transformation – GTA Teleguam

Alternate has developed a unique expertise in providing end-to-end Grooming services. However, our core competencies are not exclusively Network Grooming. Alternate offers a full suite of Network Professional Services, our motto is, “Bare floor to functioning Network”. The Network Transformation project included Network Grooming and a whole lot more.

GTA Teleguam had a very old a dated Network build on earlier versions of DMS TDM technology. In order to remain competitive and provide their subscriber base (who included the US Department of Defense) with improved user experience, they decided to replace the existing TDM with the latest IP based infrastructure Network appliances. A number of OEM platforms were examined and in the end GTA chose GENBAND GENiUS (using the C20 core) as the best solution.

This was an exciting project for GENBAND and for Alternate. It was one of the first full scale TDM to NFV conversions. The scope of the project was to compress three (3) CO sites into one central location converting previous CO’s to remote sites. There was a mixture of communications services that needed to be transformed into the Network of the Future including POTS, P-Phone, DSL and Centrex circuits. In all there was about 40,000 lines that need to be relocated and/or migrated.
Naturally such a large scale project was not without its problems. We had an aggressive schedule to meet. The project was awarded to Alternate in August and we had over 100 feet on the ground in Guam for September 2, 2014. GTA was hoping to have their entire Network Transformed by December 31, 2014. However, due to problems outside of Alternate’s control, firmware related issues were finally resolved in time to complete cutover before the end of January 2015.

I received the following comments for GTA Teleguam:

GTA Teleguam logo

The staff at Alternate helped to bring sanity to a very challenging project.  I was kept informed on a regular basis of the status, progress and necessary issues.  If it wasn’t for Alternate the project would not have completed on time.

Steve Redmand,
EVP Guam Telecom Alliance