Inbound Marketing Tips from the Pros

Inbound Marketing is a large concept with a lot of details and many possible avenues to take. So, rather than overwhelming yourself with endless choices, we have made a list of 5 tactics you can implement right away to your inbound strategy that are not too painful.

Own your blog

Write about anything remotely related to you, your product or your industry. Heck, you can write about absolutely anything you wanted, but just know that the further from your industry you get in terms of content, the less qualified your audience will become. But, awareness* is still a great thing!

Get social

I don’t care who you are, you need to be on at least 2 social media platforms. Twitter is awesome for connecting and interacting with people and really creating a voice for your brand, it also helps you look for potential customers by searching for things like “repairman in Toronto” and Tweeting at someone who has literally tweeted to the world that they need your service!


Make sure you have some sort of form on all landing pages. Whether its simply a “contact us” or a “Download our brochure” or an e-mail subscription; if people like what you are about, they will want to remember you and keep you in mind for when they need you.


Content needs to be published on a regular basis otherwise you will be forgotten and/or replaced. Using tools like Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to find content, schedule it, and let the constant stream of content flow. Make sure you’re not posting too frequently, but if you are posting daily, or weekly, make sure you stick to that schedule.


If someone showed interest in you on Monday and you haven’t heard from them again by Friday, ask them how they will be spending their weekend. Make sure your name stays fresh in your leads mind.

*Awareness is a term used in marketing that means your brand is being recognized by potential customers and has been associated with a particular product. I.E. Buffer and Digital Marketing, Dairy Queen and ice cream