Reasons to Outsource Recruitment

Competitive Advantage

A recruitment outsourcing company can quickly and efficiently find top talent to help companies build their key staff resulting in a competitive advantage.

Reduce Costs

Advertising on job boards, background checks, applicant tracking systems, and recruiting technology costs can be combined when companies outsource recruitment. This cost is usually less than doing recruitment in-house.

Reduce Turnover Rate

A high turnover rate results in reduced productivity, lower customer service, and lower employee satisfaction. Businesses can improve high turnover rates with a recruitment outsourcing company to find better qualified candidates. These candidates are vetted and well matched to the company’s openings and culture. 

Improve Recruiting Effectiveness

Using a recruitment outsourcing company results in the ability to reach more candidates resulting in more efficient use of recruitment resources.

Rapid Growth

Businesses experiencing rapid growth find it difficult to meet recruitment needs. This puts a strain on existing employees. A recruitment outsourcing company can take over the process with dedicated staff, experienced recruiters, and advanced technology to meet unusual growth patterns.

Focus Can Remain On Business

Outsourcing recruiting doesn’t take away from business activities enabling employers to find the talent they need without being pulled away from business operations.

HR staff can be overwhelmed with recruiting volume and this results in an inability to focus on their core HR responsibilities. Benefits, payroll, compliance and employee programs may result in reduced productivity.

Partnering with a recruitment outsourcing company will fill your open positions faster and more efficiently.

How Can Commerx Help Your Business

Commerx can help your business with recruitment, hiring, and training that reduces costs and turnover rates, giving you a competitive advantage over your competitors.