What is a Wireless System in Telecommunications?

A wireless system transmits information over the air using RF (radio frequency), electromagnetic waves like IR (infrared), satellite, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or microwave signals instead of wires, cables, or fiber optic cables to transmit data.

Infrared (IR): Data is transmitted through infrared (IR) radiation, which is electromagnetic energy that has a longer wavelength.

Satellite: Signal is sent to the satellite, then the satellite amplifies and sends it back to the antenna receiver.

Wi-Fi: Uses routers to transmit data wirelessly. Must be protected with passwords for security.

Bluetooth: Connects to various electronic devices wirelessly for data transmission.

A wireless system transmits data wirelessly. Wireless technology has improved speed, flexibility, and network efficiency. One can roam around freely without being concerned about an internet connection and being connected.

Benefits of a Wireless System

  • Less expensive to install and maintain.
  • High speed data transfers.
  • Accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  • Professionals can work from remote locations.
  • Emergency situations get immediate help / support.

How We Can Help

Commerx can install base stations and provide core switching expertise. Commerx can also help with engineering, designing and implementing local area wireless networks. Commerx can help with microwave systems design, point-to-point, point-to-multi-point, and back-haul systems.

Wireless Systems