What is Network Grooming?

Network grooming is the process of consolidating or migrating customer lines on a wireline switch. Network grooming allows for our clients to reclaim used floor space, improve power consumption, and reduce maintenance activities etc.

Benefits and advantages of Network Grooming

The benefits and advantages of network grooming are bottom-line savings and positive environmental results such as consolidating your subscribers to fewer line frames to allow the excess frames to be removed to reduce power consumption, free up floor space and cleanse office conditions.

Several benefits are realized:

  • Reduce manpower by 50%
  • Reduce transfer line time by 80%
  • Task, delivery, and control
  • Production validation
  • Communication at all levels through robust reporting engines and dashboard views
  • Discrepancy resolution
  • Job closure, and invoicing
  • Invoice control, and accountability
  • Fully audible record of work done and resolve discrepancies

Grooming, port consolidation, migration, and cutover services are a very human-intensive process. Originally like every other company, we controlled and manipulated necessary data items associated with the grooming process using spreadsheets, handwritten charts, and a lot of yelling. The Commerx Grooming Cutover Controller and Workflow Application together eliminate all the tedious entry activity allowing your staff to get the job done with a faster turnaround. The intended audience for these tools is operators and administrators.

Commerx Grooming Workflow Application is used to transfer directory numbers from one line equipment location to another with the help of the Cutover Controller tool. The technician has a list of telephone numbers to be transferred, and appropriate terminal information to identify the station cross-connects in the form of a spreadsheet. The field technician then calls the system for transfer, and the response is recorded manually in the Grooming Application database.  

The Cutover Controller Service Order System is an automated PC-based system that generates commands to execute line moves on the target central office. Commands are entered via a standard touch-tone phone. It supports incoming calls through a T1 trunk or POTS line. Connections to the network elements can be through telnet or SSH.

The Commerx Grooming Workflow Application and the Cutover Controller are highly customizable to match your specific requirements.

Over a Million Lines Groomed

Line grooming/frame consolidation

Consolidating your subscribes to fewer line frames allows the excess frames to be removed effectively reducing:

  • Power consumption
  • Freeing up floor space
  • Cleansing office conditions
  • Potential CO combination relieving real estate

This is a proactive step in preparing for the inevitable migration from TDM (Legacy switching) to NFV IP switching technology.

Commerx has proven tools and developed a method of procedure to make the entire line grooming process simple and cost effective.

Total migration/network transformation

Planning to transform TDM based subscribers from your legacy switch to an NFV Softswitch?

Platform agnostic (DMS, GTD, EWSD or 5eSS) Commerx has touched them all and remotes.

Commerx has the experience and developed processes to undertake a seamless end-to-end Network Transformation.

Our services include ensuring proper DC Power and grounding requirements and cable mining.

We can remove all surplus cabling and equipment for proper disposal of e-waste.

Grooming automation application demo

Network Grooming

Network grooming