Billing & Revenue Management

Commerx Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) solution supports charging and rating for telecom as well as non-telecom service offerings, various payment methods, types of customers and partners. Our BRM extensions to integrate with other external systems in a complex telecom IT infrastructure and landscape, are built by Commerx through custom application integration which are carrier grade. We have also built real time systems to optimize business processes and delivered unique offerings to satisfy the demanding requirements of a telecom carriers’ systems.


Billing & Revenue Management

Commerx BRM solutions offer secure and scalable web-based modules for pricing design, subscriber care, operations, and provide the ability to rate and charge services based on any metric, bill, invoice, and collect payments, account and report revenue in accordance with GAPP and IFRS financial compliance. Commerx BRM team provides a full setup and integration of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) products and manages external systems configurations through Oracle Application Integration Architecture.


Commerx has a wealth of experience deploying solutions in a wide variety of technical situations. In all of our projects, we have coupled applications through many communication protocols to a number of downstream and upstream applications. Commerx experience includes, but is not limited to integration with Siebel, PeopleSoft, SAP, Moneris, CIBC, Verisign, Equifax, address verification software, multiple data warehouses, internet facing applications, and convergent billing systems.


Commerx understands convergent charging, billing, customer care and provisioning solutions. Having provided these solutions to many Canadian carriers over the past 25 years, Commerx has invested significant time and effort developing solutions which can be line of business, device and service agnostic.


Commerx works with customers to define and support new business strategies. As a principal provider to the telecommunications industry, Commerx has experienced a broad range of business scenarios, which in turn, provides insight on new business development opportunities. Our experience, together with specific technical insight, allows Commerx to help customers avoid pitfalls and to take advantage of emerging trends.


Commerx applications are developed using a scalable, flexible, highly available architecture that delivers open API’s and integration with industry-leading applications.

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

CEM is a full-service customer and billing management tool providing users with a 360 degree view into an account. CEM is web-based so that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and its robust set of web services can be utilized by other external applications to reduce the need for swivel chair activities.

Mobile Analytics

As part of Commerx Managed Services offering for BRM, Commerx has developed mobile analytics dashboards which allow executives to track KPIs and real-time billing statistics from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Convergent Charging Labs

Commerx Billing and Revenue Management BRM offers convergent charging, rating, as well as convergent billing solutions for the telecommunications industry. The convergent platform that enables common management of all telecom services offered by telecom operators.

Customer Revenue Management

Commerx offers centralized and automated revenue management solutions that allow businesses to address accounting challenges, lets administrators seamlessly create customer contracts, performance obligations, accounting entries and ways to recognize and analyze revenues over time.

Real time mediation and charging

Commerx BRM provides scalable, single convergent charging solutions with mobile broadband charging capabilities to telecom operators for competitive advantage.

Commerx Telecommunications Expense Manager (TEMS)

TEMS provides corporate customers with a web-based application which imports their telecommunications expenses, organizes the charges into departmental groupings, assigns financial accounting codes to the charges, and loads the charges into the financial software as well as preparing automatic payments for the carriers. TEMS has a graphical user-friendly interface which allows the administrator full control over the business unit hierarchies, account creation, reporting, disputes and easy follow-up with vendors.

Self Care

Self Care application used by Telecommunications providers to allow their customers a secure online portal to view and analyze their fixed line and mobile invoices and usage.


Commerx Self-care includes drill-down analytics, business reporting, account linking and account hierarchies, messaging, and profile maintenance including “Buddy” lists and Friends & Family. Commerx has been offering Self Care services to Telecommunications companies for over 13 years.


Our initial offering, E-bill, was used by both Wireline and Mobile service providers in Canada and the United States to display invoice and charge information to both consumer and business customers.


The existing E-bill application services customers in multiple languages and provides full service account management such as the basics of password resets to the complexity of business hierarchies and analytical reporting. Customers employing E-bill have various core billing systems and provide Commerx with the necessary charge and invoice information each month to display A/R activities to their customers.


Previous E-bill/Self-care projects include:


Northwest Tel – fixed line services for business & consumers


-Telus Quebec – fixed line services for consumers – one of the original E-Bill customers, last enhancement deployed in October 2014


-Northwest Tel Mobility (NMI) – mobility services for business & consumers


-Carolina West Wireless– mobility services for business & consumers


-Virgin Mobile Canada – mobility services for business & consumers


-MTS – mobility services for business


-Sasktel – mobility services for business


-Aliant Mobility – mobility services for consumers

Managed Services

Commerx support business by managing business-critical applications and handling disaster recovery, and business transaction monitoring.

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Case Study

Commerx BRM migrated SaskTel from a legacy platform  on to the current BRM based platform.


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